Ben Winston

Like a fine wine or delicate fragrance, skincare is costly and can go “bad” when stored improperly in harsh environments- it requires proper storage to remain stable and effective.  On average, skincare has a shelf life of 1 year after opening. 

Avoid direct sunlight, extremely high or low temperatures and always make sure that lids and caps are on tight to prevent oxygen exposure (contamination) which can cause some active ingredients to “turn” and lose efficacy.  Make sure that travel containers are sturdy, closed completely, and are stored in a dry, dark place. 

Remember that all skincare is formulated, meaning that a chemist carefully crafts its composition by blending natural and scientific ingredients in an exacting way to stabilize and unlock the performance of raw materials on their own and when they work in concert together. 


Skincare loves to live in cool (not cold) dark places and your medicine cabinet or one of the new mini skincare refrigerators are ideal.  If your sunfilled bathroom isn’t an option, create a little haven in a linen closet or closed makeup case. 


If you pamper your skincare, it will pamper your skin.

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