How To Properly Apply All Of Your Skincare Products

Hillary Clark


HOW you apply skincare is as important as WHAT you apply- did you know that you can defeat the purpose or neutralize expensive ingredients if you don't apply them in the proper order?
Read on for tips and application techniques from your Esthetician, below!


Proper cleansing is the first step to clear the way for all of the performance ingredients in your BBD products.

AM and PM, apply a small amount of cleanser to damp skin. Massage with a circular motion, adding tepid water to create a gentle foam. Rinse thoroughly then pat dry. Repeat for a double cleanse or mix in an exfoliant for a deeper cleanse.


Essence Mist:

Drench your skin in tiny targeted molecules designed to activate, balance, decongest or hydrate while acting like magnets to amplify the penetration f your serum and moisturizer.

Mist on a cotton pad and sweep over cleansed skin as a toner to balance and prep the skin for optimal moisturizer benefits, or mist directly on face from 6-8 inches away throughout the day, as needed.



Serums work hard for your skin by delivering essential, targeted performance ingredients matched to your skincare goals.

AM and PM after cleansing, apply 4 drops into the palm of your hand, then massage evenly all over face and neck. With fingertips or a rolling device, you may perform facial massage techniques to stimulate blood flow and improve moisturizer penetration. Follow with your BBD moisturizer and daytime SPF.


 Eye Treatment:

The eyes are the most delicate part of the face and are the first to show signs of age, fatigue and poor health. Nurture and protect this delicate area with fortifying eye treatments matched to your concerns.

AM and PM, apply to cleansed eye area. Gently pat all around orbital bone and blend under eyes in an outward and upward motion. You may refrigerate your eye treatment for a cooling, de-puffing effect.



A good moisturizer is like a security guard- it keeps all the good ingredients safe inside and all of the bad stuff out.

AM and PM, apply to cleansed face, neck and décolleté in gentle upward motions, after any serums or eye treatments. Follow with daytime SPF.



UV exposure is the #1 cause of aging and compromised skin health leading to serious conditions that may require medical attention.

AM, apply generously daily onto cleansed face, neck, and chest. Emulsify between both hands and press onto skin. Reapply after swimming, or excessive perspiring.



Cleansing scrubs remove dead skin and congestion which will boost the efficacy and penetration of your active performance ingredients. After cleansing with your BBD cleanser, apply generously and massage gently in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly then pat dry.



Masks designed to hydrate, brighten and remineralize will revitalize and add a glow to your skin. Apply generously and allow to sit for 5-15 min. Rinse thoroughly then pat dry.

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