Skincare Accelerators

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Skincare Accelerators

What is a Skincare Accelerator?

When it comes to skincare, one thing that we all have in common is that we want advanced results- FAST!

Skincare accelerators help you to drive your skincare routine and maximize your core products performance with the addition of Toners, Mists, Serums and Masks.

What each accelerator does and how to apply can be confusing so, we made it simple for you in the outline below:


Toners and Mists are very lightweight with low viscosity that can deliver active performance ingredients deeply into the skin where they can work hard for you! When possible, we recommend spritzing or splashing onto the face and neck- cotton pads absorb and waste your product!

Serums can be water thin to a dense fluid and should be applied after Toners and Mists and will amplify the efficacy of both. Serums may be applied with fingertips and application devices.

Ingredients to look for: Sodium PCA for hydration, Vitamin C for brightening, Green Tea and Allantoin to calm redness, Irish Moss to absorb oil, Willow Bark to clear breakouts, Antioxidants to fight free radicals and Colloidal Silver to protect from environmental aggressors anti-microbial properties.



Masks are a great way to problem solve and up your skincare game - FAST! When selecting a mask be sure to look for ingredients that compliment your skin type and are designed to treat your concerns.

Tip: Most of us have different “Types” of skin in different regions of the face -pores on the T-Zone, Dark Spots or Redness on the cheeks and wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead… eeek! How do you find ONE mask to address each concern all over? This is where Multi-Masking comes in- you can apply a Kayolin or Charcoal mask to the T-Zone to decongest and control oil, a brightening mask with Vit C and Bear Berry to brighten Dark Spots, a soothing mask with White Tea Leaf and Algae to calm redness, and a Mineral-Rich mask with Sea Salt Ferment and Hyaluronic Acid to provide a slight plumping action.

Remember, masks ONLY work if you USE them on a regular basis!


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