You And Your New Serum

Ben Winston


 Think of your Serum as the Super Hero MVP of your skincare practice. Concentrated performance ingredients are delivered in small molecules that penetrate deeply to target concerns- correcting, repairing, preventing and boosting the efficacy of your entire skincare routine. 

That’s why we offer you a starter serum formulated to match your skin so that you see results fast. 


Serums come in different textures and can be water-thin, dry oil or a dense fluid and should be applied after Toners and Mists to amplify the efficacy of both. Serums may be applied with fingertips and application devices to improve penetration.


Everyone knows to slather on your body cream while your skin is still wet from your shower but did you know that the same applies to your face serums?  

Ideally, you want everyone to apply   products within one minute of cleansing or getting out of the shower — “I always want water on the skin," says Dr. Engelman, a celebrity dermatologist based in New York City. "And while some people don't like to wash their face in the morning, all you have to do is dampen your skin before you apply your serum to help lock in hydration." Here's why: As soon as water evaporates off skin, it can dehydrate it by taking all the moisture on and below the surface into the air. 

Protect and amplify all of the beneficial ingredients in your Serum by following with moisturizers and SPF that contain complimentary ingredients like Antioxidants and Minerals.  Integrating cleanser, essences and moisturizers formulated to address your concerns creates a coordinated practice that yeilds better results faster and helps you reach your immediate and longterm skincare goals.  Armed with the right skincare regime designed for your needs paired with the care of your Beauty By Design Esthetician, the future of your skin looks bright and clear! 


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