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Purify No. 123 - Double-Cleanse Cleansing Mitt 3-pack

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Purify No. 123 - Double-Cleanse Cleansing Mitt    3-pack
Purify No. 123 - Double-Cleanse Cleansing Mitt    3-pack

0.45 oz/13ml each (3-pack)

Your Double-Cleanse Cleansing Mitt is a soft and durable multi-tasker that makes makeup-removal and your daily cleansing routine as easy as “PURIFY 1-2-3”!

Your "Helping Hand" for your cleansing routine.

  • Exceptional Cleansing Action Paired with your favorite BBD cleanser, your cleansing mitt offers gentle exfoliation to prep your skin to readily absorb your treatments and moisturizer.  Even stubborn, water-resistant make-up is no match for the Double-Cleanse Cleansing Mitt.
  • Precision Fingertip control allows you to concentrate on small areas, especially around eyes - allowing you to more precisely apply just the right amount of massaging action and pressure.
  • Long-lasting - Stain-resistant material remains fresh, soft and pliable throughout its life. Washes and rinses in seconds - air-dries in only a few minutes, ready for its next use. 

How to Use 

TO USE: AM and PM, slip a Cleansing Mitt onto each hand and dampen with warm water. Dispense one pump of your BBD cleanser onto one Mitt and rub your Mitts together to create a soft lather. Gently massage in circular motions to remove makeup and debris. Then, rinse and repeat.